I know you folks are out there even when you don't comment... so today I'm asking for some feedback! If you read this, I would love to hear your response.

Just a question that I have been pondering. How many of you out there have prayer lists? And what do those look like? In a recent series about prayer our senior pastor talked about his prayer list and encouraged us to do the same in our prayer life. He has specific things/people he prays for each day of the week.

Now while I would love to do this because I'm definitely a "list person" and structure helps me stay focused and disciplined, I've never liked it much for prayer. It just doesn't feel meaningful to me and I don't know how to keep things "fresh" ya know? For example, let's say one of my Monday list items is our country. I would quickly feel very repetitive each week praying the same "God bless America" prayer. But I guess when the alternative is constantly forgetting to EVER pray for our country, maybe the structure of a list is better?

So what do you do? What does your prayer life look like? Do you use a structure such as a list? Why or why not?
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  1. Anthony Says:

    Well I don't have a list, but I do have those certain people or things I pray for at certain times. At bedtime with Heather, we pray for our family and health and knowledge of God and Haiti children and their salvation and stuff like that. Pray for the church and the body. Now my quiet time in the morning is more about things going on at the time. My kids in youth group and certain things that have come across the prayer net. I also pray throughout the day for things that come up or God lays on my heart. I do have a list that I keep so I can remember to pray throughout the day for someone or if someone asks me to pray on a certain day or time, but I don't have one that gives certain areas a day of the week. I would have to agree that praying for it is better than not at all.

    Christy Bucher

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