Is it normal to feel like my heart is absolutely going to explode with an abundance of love when hanging out with my daughter? I'm not entirely sure I can take much more of this! Lydia is off the charts adorable and sometimes I literally feel like it is too much to bear!

Today my sweet girl is 8 months old. As my gift to her, we spent most of the day out and about. As her gift to me, she didn't fuss. :) The day started with huge doses of giggles as I nibbled her fingers in the morning... and ended with an equally large dose of giggles while she "wrestled" with Daddy and played peek-a-boo before bedtime.

Someday I'm going to have more kids (God willing)... and if the amount of love increases as the amount of kids increases, I'm going to explode. Seriously. I don't think that much cute can be contained without some casualties.
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  1. Kimmama Says:

    I am smiling from ear to ear as I read this because I know exactly what you mean!! There are times that I just feel like I'm going to scream with delight - just like Micah does when I tickle him! Haha!

    I don't understand how Michelle Duggar walks around like a normal person, with all those kids and all that love I'd be constantly fighting the urge to skip, I think. :)

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