I had an epiphany the other day when I went to Babies R Us. I realized that baby stuff is EXPENSIVE! Yes, it took me 8+ months for this to really sink in, but as I prepared myself to spend another $40 on 2 sleep sacks because my wiggly baby may never keep real blankets on, this epiphany finally hit me. I very quickly passed up the pink dots and cute girly prints for the gender neutral green fleece and teddy bear print sacks. I plan to have more of these little bundles in the future and I can't be certain they'll all appreciate pink!

So here's my advice to new/expectant moms out there: go gender neutral whenever you can. Now I understand there are some things you are just gonna want to go all out boy/girl with. Clothing is a big one for me. I hate dressing my girl up in yellows or greens (unless obviously girly styles). When we go out, I want people to know she is a GIRL! But I'm starting to let go on some of the other accessories. You can spend hundreds of dollars in blankets, toys, carseat accessories, and baby equipment. Imagine having to do it again if your next kid is a different gender! Trust me, your baby girl will not care if she doesn't have the fancy pink stroller with pink strap covers, pink toys, and pink diaper bag hanging off the back. If you go pink with the clothing and stick with gender neutral for everything else, people will have plenty of evidence that she's a girl.

Yes I know what it is like to find out the gender of your baby and be soooo excited with visions of filling that nursery to the brim with everything pink imaginable... but do yourself a favor and try your best to reign it in a little. Your wallet will thank you later!
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  1. Sorry nobody warned you of this earlier! ;) We have all gender neutral stuff except clothes (and Bumbo seats, which - when we bought them - were either pink, purple, blue or green). Swing, strollers, even nursery (other than a few pink accents that can be replaced with blue or green) - all reusable! Don't worry though, you'll CONTINUE to buy a ton of crap for sweet Lydia, and will have plenty of time to shop gender-neutral where possible! :-P

  2. For the most part we've done well with the BIG items. Swing, pack 'n' play, exersaucer, stroller, carseat, etc are all gender neutral. It's the smaller "extras" that I haven't been so good about. Things like blankets, towels, bibs... most of that is pink around here. And while those aren't individually expensive items, it's really going to add up if we ever have a boy and have to buy more of everything!

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