Lydia went from absolutely hating tummy time, to tolerating it, to occasionally being ok with it for very short periods, to discovering that she can roll over and not have to deal with it at all. I've seen her roll from tummy to back several times for the past month or more, but now it seems it has finally "clicked" with her that she can do it all on her own whenever she wants.

In other news, we tried rice cereal for the first time on Saturday. Lydia wasn't a huge fan, but she didn't cry or anything. She typically takes a few tries before she is okay with new things. I'm still not rushing it... we'll try again, but I don't know how soon. No real need to keep trying it until she is 6 months.

It also seems Lydia "discovered" her feet today. For the first time ever I watched her try to grab them. So cute! I am so very blessed to be able to be with her at home and witness all of her new discoveries. :)
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  1. Amy Says:

    No biggie with the cereal! We didn't start Henry until after 6 months. He did better with the oatmeal too. He was not a huge fan of the rice cereal but every baby is different! So fun that she is rolling over. It gets better every day!! :)

  2. Kim Says:

    I'm not in a huge rush to start solids. Babies can thrive a whole 12 months on nothing but breastmilk and I'm not looking forward to stinkier diapers, hehe!

  3. Tallie Says:

    Quinten started "solids," otherwise known as mushy food at 10 months and Charlie at 8 months. I skipped cereal for both of them because it didn't seem to me to have much nutritional value, other than iron fortification. Quinten & Charlie are both strong & healthy horses! Both of them sitting around the 100th percentiles for height and the 60th - 75th for weight. Carter, on the other hand, started eating cereal at 5 months. He's my shrimp. ;0) 3 years younger than Quinten and only an inch taller. I won't say that more food & less breast milk has anything to do with it. But those are the facts!

  4. Tallie Says:

    Oops, Carter is 3 years OLDER than Quinten! That's what I meant! :0)

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