Oooo... my blog is all pretty now! :)

This is thanks to the wonderful and talented Kim Neyer! I started following Kim's blog back when we were both pregnant with our little ones and I'm so glad that I did. She is awesome! If you get the chance, check out her blog... you won't regret it! Kim is not only very talented with computer graphics, she's also a fantastic writer. She even writes the pregnancy blogs for! And as if that weren't enough, she's also a super crafty lady with some cool things available for purchase on etsy. I tell ya... Kim is one impressive chica!

Thanks again, Kim, for the awesome layout! I love it!
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  1. Kim Says:

    I'm so glad you like the layout! And thanks for all the props - you are too kind!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks for sharing this information with me.
    I like you layout and wish you that you keep going.


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