...not just the other way around.

I can't help but grin a little when I think about how much Lydia is affecting me. I have always been very much a planner. I like to schedule & organize things and am not very often a "go with the flow" person. Spur of the moment things are nice once in awhile, but in general I like to know what is going on and when everything will happen.

Lydia is not this way.

She has been the biggest lesson in patience I have ever had. Despite my best efforts to have consistency in the home, Lydia is a completely inconsistent child. Every day can be identical as much as I can make it, yet Lydia will continue to vary when & how long she naps throwing everything else "off schedule." Right now she's about 2 hours into what I assume will be a 3 hour nap, yet for the past 3 days she's not taken any naps longer than 30(ish) minutes and the day before that she took her long nap in the afternoon instead of morning. I simply never know what she will do from one day to the next.

I used to hate this but I'm learning to accept and even love it. She is teaching me to loosen up a little and be more willing to take things as they come. I enjoy the long naps and try to get as much accomplished as possible, but I'm learning to be less irritated when a long nap is nowhere to be found. I do what I can in the 30 minutes then welcome the opportunity to enjoy my bright-eyed baby girl.

She has shaped me so much in the last 4.5 months... how much more to come in the years ahead?!
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