The other night after I finished feeding Lydia at 10:30, I found myself just holding her close to me and not wanting to let her go. I love the way her chubby chipmunk cheeks look smooshed against my shoulder. I've occasionally contemplated trying to drop that late night feeding (since Lydia goes to bed between 7 & 8, so I have to get her up out of bed to feed her before I go to sleep)... but honestly, I love it too much. I find myself missing her after she's put to bed and I long for 10:30 to arrive so I can spend just a little more time cuddling her before the day ends.

These are the moments that I wish I could capture and re-live whenever I want to. I don't want time to stop, or even necessarily for it to slow down. I LOVE watching Lydia grow. The amount of pride I have in her accomplishments is beyond words. But it sometimes makes me sad to think that these precious moments will go away and even the memories of them will fade. 20 years from now I probably won't remember *exactly* how it felt to rock my sleeping 16-pound lump, heart bursting at the seams with adoration as I stare at that beautiful little face.

So I'm sad. Not that my sweet little girl is growing up so fast... but that there is no way for me to truly capture these moments. Can someone please invent a way to capture time before all of these treasured memories slip away? Please?
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  1. Kim Says:

    I've think you've come pretty close in writing about it! :)

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