Sleep has been no where to be found at my house lately. Lydia is still dealing with sinus congestion/reflux that causes her to stir more during the night and she sleeps like junk during the day. Sometimes it seems you'd be able to set your watch by her naps... 45 minutes long, right on the nose. That is, if you manage to get her to fall asleep. She regularly fights sleep and will doze off for a minute or two then jolt awake. This is all very frustrating because she NEEDS the sleep. She ends up overtired and fussy which just makes everything even worse.

BabyWise talks about stuff like this happening around weeks 7 and 8 (Lydia will be 8 weeks old on Sunday) and says it's a growth spurt and she's waking up because she's hungry. I don't really think that is the case with my little girl. She's never really been a good napper and she doesn't wake up screaming... typically she wakes up all smiles (for about 10 minutes until the fact that she's tired makes her fussy again). So I'd like to think that this is a temporary thing that will be going away soon, but I'm not so sure. I may never sleep again... :-(

Thankfully we have her 2 month doctor appointment next week and I can ask more about the reflux issue. Lydia has been on Zantac for the past month but it doesn't seem to be helping anything. Sometimes when she is sleeping she lets out the saddest sounding whimper that just breaks my heart... I worry that she's in pain and I don't know what I can do to help her.

On a different note, I'm glad I started this blog. I realized the other day that I already find it hard to remember what things were like in those first days after bringing Lydia home from the hospital. It made me sad to think that I'm already forgetting precious little details about her life. So now I will hopefully be recording more of that stuff so I can jolt my memory in the future. Here's a summary of Lydia today:

- she spends her days mostly napping for 45 minutes (typically after much prodding) then being awake 45 minutes (or a little more) in cycles

- she hates hates HATES when I put lotion on her, but her poor skin just gets so dry!

- she's battling reflux and/or sinus congestion that makes her cough and snore and often sound like she has junk in her throat

- the only place she'll sleep for any decent length of time is in her bouncy chair... so she spends her nights in that chair in the guest room while I sleep in the bed

- she gets this cute little grin on her face all the time as she is just drifting off to sleep

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