As a stay-at-home mom I'm finding it increasingly difficult to remember what day it is. For instance, today is Saturday... but I've had to convince myself of that at least 3 times already and it's not even 9am yet. I'll think about it, look at the calendar, and say to myself, "It's Saturday... isn't it? Yes... wait... yes, it's definitely Saturday... at least I think it is..." Sometimes there's just very little distinction between the days. Maybe as Lydia gets older and we start getting into more activities I'll be able to keep track a little better.

The weather here has been FABULOUS these past couple of days. It's about freakin time! On Thursday Lydia and I went out to Target and did some shopping. I loved getting out to see the sunshine! Then yesterday Brent was (mostly) off work so we had a lovely family day. In the afternoon we drove over to Coldstone (I absolutely NEEDED a strawberry bonanza smoothie) then took our treats to the park for a walk. Lydia didn't much care for the sun in her face, but she fell asleep on the walk and overall didn't fuss much.

Tomorrow we'll be packing Lydia up and making her first trip to Cincinatti to visit Nana and Grandpa! Mostly the purpose of the trip is to see my brothers and their families since they can't as easily come up to see us. Michael and Jenna still haven't even met Lydia! So we're looking forward to seeing the two of them, as well as Joshua, Erin, and their 3 girls (who just adore their cousin Lydia!). I sure hope Lydia travels well!
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  1. I know exactly what you mean about not knowing the day... honestly, most times I look at the calendar and I don't even know which week we're in! So glad you started a blog. I really enjoy reading it.
    If you ever want to get together for a play date with our girls (although I guess they can't really play together yet) or just to go for a walk or something, let me know. I'd love to.

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