So I was wondering the other day as I read a friend's blog about how much she was getting accomplished during the day while at home with her newborn son... why is it that I haven't seemed to be able to do that? Lydia is over 2 months old now and there are still several places in the house that haven't seen a housekeeper's touch since before she was born. Now granted, I've never been a clean-freak and put off cleaning stuff long before I had a child, but after bringing Lydia home I often found it difficult to even get to the simple stuff like washing dishes or picking up the piles of baby stuff that kept accumulating everywhere.


I pondered this question and came to the conclusion that it's because I have given birth to a catnapping wiggle worm. I can't carry her in one arm and do housework with the other because she doesn't like to be held for very long periods of time. She wants to be somewhere that allows her to kick her legs and swing her arms and basically just wiggle everything. So, she doesn't want to be held but still wants my attention. If I stop looking at and talking to her for too long she gets mad.

In addition to her wiggling, she's also become a catnapper. You can almost set your watch to her naps... 45 minutes long, give or take 5 minutes. She will be awake for typically no more than an hour before she starts to wear down, then she'll sleep for 45 minutes, then be awake for another hour or so, etc, etc. This does not give me very many good blocks of time in which to do anything. The beginnings and ends of each wake/nap time involve cuddling, diaper changing, dealing with fussiness, and/or settling down which eats up even more of those short little time blocks.

So sure... I could probably make it work and figure out how to have an immaculate house all the time... but I don't care that much haha. I just needed to understand for myself why it seems the days just fly by without anything getting done.

^ That's the post I've been meaning to make for days... now on to more recent news...

Lydia slept for 8 hours last night! It was wonderful! She's been doing fairly well with at least giving me 6 or 7 solid hours, but last night we had our last feeding then went to bed at 11 and she slept until 7 this morning. I still haven't managed to get her in her crib at night though. A few days ago I started working on crib naps again. She did great the first day, then struggled a lot yesterday (for one nap she cried off and on for an hour... never long enough at a time that I felt I needed to get her though... and then promptly fell asleep for nearly 3 hours after I gave up and brought her downstairs in her chair), and so far today she's doing good again. It's 8:30 right now and I put her in her crib at 8. She only fussed for a minute and has been sleeping since. Hopefully she's starting to understand that crib = sleep!

The trip to Cinci last week was really nice. Lydia got to spend lots of time with aunts, uncles, and cousins. By the end of the visit I missed my little girl! I hardly got to cuddle her at all! On the way home we stopped in Findlay so I could show her off to all of my (ex)coworkers. By this point I felt comfortable informing them that I do not intend to return to work. Most didn't seem surprised by the news at all... and who would be when they see how utterly adorable my daughter is? How could I possibly NOT spend all my time with her??? ;-)

After we returned home we had a couple of very busy days. Wednesday was family dinner night at our house then Thursday we had Lydia's 2 month appointment. She had to get her shots that day. Ouch! Poor little thing was already really tired from a busy morning then she had to get 3 shots. She screamed and her tiny little face turned all red, but she calmed down very well once Mommy picked her up to comfort her. Before we even made it back to the car she was fast asleep in her car seat, and she continued to sleep for most of the afternoon and early evening.

FYI it is now 8:42 and, like clockwork, my baby girl is waking up...

The weather has been really great lately. A little hotter than I prefer and WAY too windy, but at least we are seeing the sun and able to go outside! Lydia actually enjoyed the wind. Every time a big gust would come she'd smile and kick her legs with excitement. It was too funny!

For the next few weeks things will slow down around here in terms of activities. Hopefully this will give me a chance to really get a good routine established for Lydia and I. After she got sick when she was 1 month old, I kinda set the schedule aside and just took things as they came. Now I'm ready to adjust back to having more of a sense of "normal" in our lives.

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