Tomorrow will mark week 27 in this pregnancy. Eli is due exactly 3 months from today! I'm happy to report that he is doing great as far as we can tell and I'm feeling great 95% of the time too. I also looked up how things were going at this point in my pregnancy with Lydia and was thrilled to see that my total weight gain this time is the same (or possibly less) than it was with Lydia. I was so nervous because I gained a weight a lot earlier this time, and with Lydia I had some major weight gain around 25-26 weeks. If I did the same this time, I'd be HUGE! But Eli has kept me gaining steadily and it's now evened out with my first pregnancy. I weigh around 145 right now and was 119 at my first weight check. With Lydia I started the same and ended just shy of 170. I know that's more than the "suggested" weight gain, but it came off fine the first time and my doc wasn't (and isn't) concerned about it. Though ultimately I'd like to stay under 160 with this one.

We had some maternity pictures taken around week 25. Always a fun time! We had trouble getting Lydia to do much with us since 1) there were toys to be played with and 2) we haven't done much working with her on hugging or kissing Eli. But we got a few cute ones anyway! Check my Facebook page for some of my favorites.

On Monday this week we had the pleasure of going in for a 3D ultrasound! I loved having that done with Lydia and was thrilled to get some of Eli. We had Lydia's done around 26 weeks as well so it is fun to compare.
Lydia at 26 weeks 4 days

Eli at 26 weeks 2 days

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  1. Kim Says:

    I think you can actually tell he is a boy, just by looking at his face. Lydia's picture has a more feminine look to it. :)

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