25.5 weeks pregnant now and feeling great! I keep meaning to look back and see how I felt at this point with Lydia, but pregnancy brain combined with chasing a toddler around makes me incredibly forgetful.

Currently I get comments ranging from "you're so tiny!" to "you don't look like you can make it until November!" so I'm not sure how I really look haha. Tomorrow will mark 100 days remaining until Eli's due date. It's really going by fast lately!

Lydia and I took a quick trip down to Cincinnati this past weekend to visit with a friend who was passing through. While he had the house to himself, Brent took the opportunity to do some work on Eli's room. The guest room is no more (for now). The guest bed has relocated to a corner of the playroom and the crib & changing table are assembled in its place. Brent is super handy with Photoshop and graphic design, so he decided to do a mock-up of what he thinks Eli's room will look like. Here's what he came up with (bad quality on here, but you get the idea):

You have to imagine that folded up into a cube, but there it is. I really like it! I'm looking forward to getting the paint picked out and seeing the room come together. We may make some changes as we get going, but this is our starting point.
In other pregnancy news, we had some maternity pictures taken last week. I'll be sure to share them when I get them back!
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