Today I looked down while taking a shower and realized that my toes are gone. The belly is taking on a life of its own (literally!) and has overtaken my downward view.

I'll be 20 weeks along on Saturday. I can hardly believe we're halfway there already! Oh and let me just take a moment right here to tell Eli how sorry I am that I haven't written a whole lot about my thoughts during this pregnancy. Everything has just been so smooth this time around, and I'm simply not on the computer as much as I was last time. So I'm sorry, Eli. I do love you tons and am so very excited to meet you in another 20ish weeks, even if I'm bad about documenting it all!

I had another appointment with my OB on Friday, just shy of 19 weeks. So far I've put on around 12lbs since my first appointment. I was pretty pleased with this, honestly, despite comparing my number to several others due in November who all seemed to still be in the single digit weight gains. I put on just shy of 50lbs with Lydia. I was okay with that too (not necessarily thrilled, but okay), and all of it was gone by the time she was roughly 6 months old. So I won't freak out if I get close to that number again, but I'm aiming for more in the 30-35lb range for this pregnancy. I must be doing okay so far because my doctor immediately commented on how skinny I look and had to double check my chart to make sure I'm gaining weight okay. So I guess I'm at least carrying those 12lbs well!

Eli's heartbeat was once again around 150 (the boy is consistent for sure!) and the doctor quickly exclaimed "Girl, girl, girl!" ... I just chuckled to myself and decided not to tell her that we already know we are having a boy. I know that she doesn't really believe in the old wives tale about heartrates predicting gender, but she does like to mention it at every visit.

My ultrasound is scheduled for July 6th. Just 2 more weeks! I'm looking forward to getting all of the official measurements and confirming that the name Eli will be appropriate for this little one. :) I'm curious if my due date will change too. Not that I'm getting my hopes up, but I've sort of had a feeling that this one is a little further along. My pregnancy test results were much stronger/darker than they had been when I tested with Lydia, he looked really developed at the 15 week ultrasound, and I've already been feeling really strong movements for weeks now (including Brent being able to feel him very well from the outside). I suppose a lot of this could just be attributed to this being a second pregnancy, thus why I'm not getting my hopes up. But still, I'm curious. Anxious to get another look at my little guy and praying that all looks good in a couple of weeks.

Other pregnancy news: I'm HOT!!! Maybe because most of my last pregnancy was during the Fall/Winter, but this time I'm way more toasty than last time! Lydia loves to be outside, but I can hardly stand it after 10 or so in the morning. I'm okay in the shade, but we have very little of that at our house. This weekend we pulled out the baby pool. It's really nice that the pool is big enough for me to sit in it while Lydia still has plenty of room to walk around and play. I have a feeling the pool is going to be our afternoon outdoor activity a lot this summer! We have a camping trip coming up in a few weeks and I'm very happy we tried to get a site with shade. We've never been to this particular campground so I'm hoping it will be true to the description. If not I may have to train Lydia and Micah to fan me with branches or something while we are there (feel free to let him practice ahead of time, Kim... haha!).
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  1. Kim Says:

    I can't imagine what it must feel like for you right now. It's probably like wearing a sweater! I think I need to see more belly pics, though. We should take some cute ones at the campsite with your whole family!!

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