I found it fun that Lydia turned 15 months the exact same day that Eli was 15 weeks along. Fun. :)

So I realize I'm behind in posting this update, but life has been busy! We've had all kinds of activities including a big family trip to Florida! But those will wait for another blog post. For now, here's an update from Lydia's 15 month appointment.

For starters, she continues to be tall and lean. She is 31" long (75%ile) and weighs 21lbs 3oz (25%ile). I wasn't surprised by these numbers at all. She is definitely getting taller all the time as evidenced by the increasing number of things she can reach throughout the house. And she is a MOVER... all the time! So no wonder she doesn't have any baby chub left. All day long she is walking everywhere. She does laps around the island in the kitchen, runs back and forth across the living room, explores the hallways... it's tiring just to watch her!

There were no concerns at all at her appointment and the doctor was very impressed by Lydia's cognitive developments. I knew I had a smarty pants on my hands. :) When I told the doctor that I had lost count of all of the words Lydia uses, she was thrilled (saying she would have been pleased with just 5 or 6 words). It's true, my girl is a talker. She is almost constantly going around saying the words that she knows really well (ball, mama, daddy, juice, shoes, go, nose, toes, books, no, nana, hi, hello, etc) and often wants me to tell her what other things are. When I teach her a new object, she wastes no time in attempting the word herself. Lydia surprises me on a regular basis by trying to say words I didn't even realize she had learned.

She is also surprises me with how smart she is in other areas. She loves to organize items and put them in their proper places. She understands a ton of commands and usually does whatever I ask her to do. My mom even asked Lydia to give her puppy a drink and she immediately took her sippy cup and put the straw in her stuffed puppy's mouth. She also "sings" for me when I ask her to sing a song. It is adorable! It's usually just 3 or 4 "la's" in some tune she makes up, but I love it. I have lots of fun teaching Lydia different body parts too. So far she can say the word (for most of them) and point to her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, hair, neck, hands, fingers, knees, feet, belly, toes, and we're working on shoulders. And at bath time I'm working on teaching her all of the vowels. She's pretty good at E and O, sometime I, but A and U need more work. It's so fun to watch her learn! Even more so, I'm looking forward to watching her help Eli learn. It's going to be so cool to see my babies interacting with one another!
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  1. Kim Says:

    Oh Lydia! She is super smart!!! It's funny - I can tell Micah understands because he'll obey all sorts of commands, but he still prefers to make sound effects to words. :) Isn't that just how boys are?

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