I can hardly believe my ears these days as Lydia is picking up more and more words. She continues to babble like it's her job, but she's throwing in a few real words now.

Her first official word was "hi" and this continues to be her favorite word to say. It now comes combined with a full-arm wave and is directed at anyone or anything that comes into her view. She is incredibly outgoing! Here are the other words she commonly says (most of which she has picked up in the past week):

Nana (banana)
Woof (more like oof, but she knows it's the sound a puppy makes)
Moo (more like oooo, but she knows it's the sound a cow makes)

She still doesn't really say mama or dada. I can only assume this is because she is smart enough to realize that she doesn't need to say them to get our attention. :) My favorite thing was when she first started to say "go go". This happened while we were driving through Chicago traffic. We kept slowing down and Lydia sat in the backseat and insisted that we "go go!"

When she started saying "shoe" it sounded like she was adding a T to the front of the word. I think she was trying to say "two shoes" because that's commonly what I would say to her when showing her a pair of shoes. Then for awhile everything related to feet was called a shoe. Feet... socks... shoes... they were all "t-shoes." She's been starting to pick up the word "socks" in the past day or so though. I've been trying to show her the difference between a shoe and a sock. I took her out in her stroller yesterday with just socks on and halfway through the walk she took hold of her foot and proudly declared, "shocks!"

It is so much fun watching her learn. She's such a smart kid!
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