We successfully made it through the first year! Lydia is alive and seemingly happy and I have avoided a mental breakdown for lack of instruction booklet. We spent her birthday quietly at home. The big party will come this weekend, so for now I decided we would just enjoy quiet time together. I made her some special foods (cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pizza for lunch) and we spent a lot of time laughing and playing and just having fun.

Today we took her for her 12 month doctor visit. She is doing great and developing as expected. For whatever reason she absolutely hated lying down on the table this time. Maybe it was cold? She's never disliked it before, but this time she really just wanted to be held. Her growth stats have further flip-flopped... which just makes me laugh. She started out as my short, chubby baby with a big head... and now she is my tall, skinny girl with a big head! hehe. She is 20lb 3oz (around 40%ile), 29.5in long (around 65%ile), and has an 18in head circumference (just under 75%ile). Lydia is mostly wearing 18 month clothes now because her 12 month stuff is too short. I'm hoping she sticks with this size for awhile because I stocked up on summery 18 month stuff and want her to be able to wear it at some point!

After all of the regular checks they had to do 3 shots & draw blood to test her hemoglobin and lead levels. No fun! She was upset by it all, of course, but per her usual ways she was all smiles and giggles by the time we got out to the car. Happy for the quick recovery because tomorrow is picture day!
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  1. The Darlands Says:

    Brynn was in 18 month clothes from when she turned one, to just last week when I packed them up (20 months) and she's always been a big girl for her age! It seems like once they hit that size, the growth slows down a lot so I'm sure she'll be able to wear all her new stuff ;) Can't wait to see the pictures from her big parties!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can't believe her 12 month clothes are too short. All the tags on my 18 month clothes say 31" and longer. Just goes to show you how inconsistent the sizing is on baby clothes!

    I can't wait to get these two kiddos next to each other in a few weeks and see how they react to each other. :)

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