I'm having a hard time keeping up with Lydia's baby book(s) and it's making me very nervous about my ability to do this for future children. I even started out with intentions of not going all-out for Lydia and doing a ton of stuff that I won't be able to commit to with others. But here I am, just doing trying to do the minimum and failing! I finally sat down today to attempt to document all that Lydia learned, liked, and disliked when she was 10 months old and quickly realized that I can hardly remember. Oops. I'm a bad mommy. Ha!

So Brent and I decided that we'll just see how things go with future kids and will hide or burn all evidence of extra stuff that we did for the first one or two. Better to deprive tham all then to gradually deprive them more and more... ;)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I realized that a lot of Micah's little milestones are recorded on my Facebook. I always go back through my status messages to update my baby book. :)

  2. Lana Says:

    If it makes you feel any better, Mackaylan will be 5 in April and I have only scrapbooked up until her 1st bath...hahah That is one reason why I decided to do Project 365. It is making me take a pic a day. You are supposed to scrapbook those pics but I am just going to compile them all in an album and write in the margin a little about each one. Just an idea!

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