With the car packed up with what would logically appear to be 3 weeks worth of stuff, my little family embarked on our first weekend camping trip. We bought a nice, big, "family" tent and were ready for the adventure.

Every year my whole family (Mom, Dad, brother + their families) tried to get together at least once for a camping trip. This year we decided to go to Indian Lake State Park. The campground was nice and the weather turned out to be really great. It was hot when we arrived on Friday, and that night we were concerned about storms & possible tornados (always lovely news to hear when camping in a tent with a 4 month old baby), but the rain came and went during the night without any casualties leaving temperatures a bit cooler on Saturday.

Lydia did really great with all of the activity. She loved attention from her cousins & the rest of the family. Bedtime was a little later than usual due to everything going on and it being so bright outside, but Lydia still slept well both nights until 6:30 or 7. The only thing I didn't appreciate from her was all the poop! My little stinker hadn't gone in nearly a week and thus decided to let it all loose all three days we were away. Yuck! It was decided that one of the onesies was too far gone from the mess to worry about bringing home, so we suffered the first clothing loss of Lydia's life.

Sunday was Father's Day. I really enjoyed being able to see my daddy that day as well as celebrate Brent's first Father's Day. I bought Lydia a new "Daddy's Little Sweetie" onesie and made him a card with pictures of him & Lydia. We cleaned up the camp, ate at the Pizza Hut buffet, then I tried to let him relax for the rest of the evening while I unpacked and got Lydia to bed.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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