My baby turned 4 months old yesterday! I know I say it constantly, but I really can't believe how fast time flies by. She has changed and grown so much from that tiny little lump that I brought home from the hospital.

We had her 4 month doctor appointment today, complete with shots. Ew. I do not like seeing the look on her face when those shots hit her little legs. Poor thing just screamed! But thankfully she calmed down very quickly after it was all over. Just like her 2 month shots, she only cried for a minute after I picked her up and she fell asleep right away on the way home. If it continues to be like last time, I expect her to sleep most of the afternoon... but we'll see. :)

She got a clean bill of health from the doctor. Her ear infection cleared up nicely and both ears look "beautiful" according to the doc. All her parts look good and she's hitting milestones that she needs to hit. My perfect little angel.
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  1. Kim Says:

    She's doing so good!! Micah was 25 inches long two weeks ago and 11 lb 9 oz. Today he was 13 lbs!! They didn't measure his length because he was just there for shots. He's a big boy! lol. Lydia's twice his age and he's already passed her up in height! I think it's because he's a boy. She is sooo adorable!!

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