I am so amazed at how quickly my little girl is growing up!! Today I decided we'd test out some things to see if she was ready for them. First on the list was the umbrella stroller. I brought it in from the garage, set it up, adjusted the buckles, and fastened Lydia in. Yep... definitely works! She is stable enough now to sit in it without flopping all over the place, so we can bring it with us when we travel (MUCH smaller than the big stroller that the carseat fits into).

Next thing to try was the baby tub without the hammock in it. Again, she's totally ready to take that step, I just didn't think about it until now! So this afternoon we gave her her bath sitting a bit more upright in her tub inside the big tub upstairs. I think she liked being more submerged in the water. :-)

And lastly... my baby girl LOVES to STAND! We went out to dinner tonight and Lydia woke up halfway through. I got her out of her carseat and she refused to sit on my lap... she wanted to be standing! And she is so strong. She already practically stands on her own. She just needs us to keep her stabilized, but she definitely holds all of her weight. An older couple sitting near us ooo'd and aww'd at Lydia and asked how old she was. She seemed shocked when I said 3 months and commented that she looks like she'll be walking in another few months!

Lydia grows and learns more and more every day... I'm sooooo glad I get to be with her all the time to see it! Occasionally I look back at newborn pictures of my baby and get sad at how quickly the time is passing, but mostly I'm trying to focus on all of the joy it brings me to watch her growing. I get to be her biggest fan as she goes through all the milestones! I love it!
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