Lydia continues to grow and change. Here are some of the latest things...

- She no longer screams bloody murder when I put lotion on her face/ears. She's pretty indifferent to it these days.

- While still a pooping champ, she doesn't poo quite as much these days. We've even gotten through a few baths without poop in the tub. Yay! lol

- Lydia talks more and more these days. Sometimes she'll carry on for a solid 5 minute span. These long stories tend to end with her getting the hiccups from so much babbling. Within the last week she's also added squeals to her growing list of noises. It is so much fun to hear her let loose with a squeal of delight during some of our many conversations.

- For the past week and a half she has been waking up around 3 am every day. This is *not* a fun change! I'm not sure if it is a growth spurt or because we've moved her to her crib or just because she's decided that that's the thing to do. On the plus side, even though she is waking up in the middle of the night she is doing very well falling asleep on her own. After her last feeding of the night (and also the 3:00 one) I can lay her down in her crib and she settles to sleep on her own. Usually she'll make noises and wiggle a lot, but she doesn't cry. Speaking of wiggling, when she really gets going she spins herself in her crib. The other night when I went in there for the middle of the night feeding I found her completely spun 180 degrees from where I'd put her!

- Lydia still dislikes tummy time but she managed to lay on her belly for more than 5 minutes with me today... she even smiled during some of it!

- She has excellent head control despite the lack of tummy time and loves to sit up like a big girl. She enjoys sitting in her Bumbo seat - which comes in very handy for tasks like clipping her nails or putting oil on her scalp.

- She still isn't very interested in toys but is slowly giving them a bit more of her attention. I think loud rattles still scare her a little though!
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