When I was showering on Friday I noticed a small line of what looked like bug bites under my left arm. I didn't think much of it until that night when my back was itching and Brent saw I had a cluster of around 14 more bumps on the left side of my back. We assumed they were bug bites until I did some research on Sunday night and found that rashes in pregnancy are not only common, but something that should be discussed with your doctor.

So yesterday (Monday) I called my OB and went in to have her look at the rash. I was expecting to hear it was something pregnancy related, so I was surprised when she told me it looked like shingles! I know some people who have had shingles and it was NOT fun for them. The doctor said I am more susceptible to them because of the pregnancy & subsequent compromised immune system. She actually said I was the third case she's seen recently.

Now I'm on medication for the next 10 days to help get rid of it and trying my best not to scratch my back despite the constant itch. It's so funny to me to see the various differences in pregnancies. With Lydia we had several scares that resulted in a lot of stress at the start, but not a whole lot of physical ailments for me personally. With Eli I've already had two illnesses that I've never had before: sinus infection and shingles. Let's hope this is the end of it... less than 8 weeks to go!
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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Ugh, no fun! I had shingles in college and it didnt itch, just hurt like nothing I have ever felt before or since! I hope yours is much less painful and very short-lived!

    On a related note, seriously no sinus infection before now?! I didnt even know that was possible! Hope these are the only two new illnesses you get to experience ;). Not much longer!

  2. Kim Says:

    I remember you saying you thought a bug ate your for breakfast. Then I saw you said you had shingles. But I didn't make the connection! lol I'm sorry you have shingles, that stinks! Have you ever seen Dooce's blog about when she had them? It's so funny! lol

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