I know I've been pretty lax about writing about this pregnancy compared to my last. Maybe it is in part because it's my 2nd and I just don't think about it as much... or maybe it's because I've not had nearly the complications this time around that I had last time. Regardless, I really AM excited to be pregnant again and do think about this baby quite often! I just don't have the time to sit and write about what I have been thinking or feeling as easily as I could the 1st time around.

This past Saturday I officially entered my 2nd trimester. Yay! I am 14 weeks and 2 days along now and have my next OB appointment on Thursday. Still very much looking forward to hearing that sweet heartbeat (even if I do have to get up waaay early for a 7:45 appointment this time)! I've been feeling really good. It's easy to forget that I'm pregnant since I've been feeling so great. No sickness, the fatigue is wearing off, and no other complications. Still waiting to feel those first little movements, though I've felt a few things that have made me wonder at times. Nothing but shrinking clothes (aka growing belly) to remind me of the sweet little one growing inside.

Random side note - I compared pictures that I took of my belly at 13 weeks with this pregnancy to ones at 17 weeks with my first and they look pretty darn identical except that this baby seems to be carrying a little lower. Looks like the estimate of "showing" 4 weeks ahead of the first pregnancy is holding pretty true for me!

So you are probably wondering what the title of this post means. It's a girl? No we have not confirmed the gender of Baby 2 yet, but I couldn't help but grab an at-home gender test for $10 when I had the chance. These normally cost upwards of $30, which I was not willing to pay, but by agreeing to share my results I could get one for 1/3 of the price at bestbabygender.com. They claim 99% accuracy after week 14 (I don't really buy it), but figured... why not? I followed all of the instructions carefully and took the test this morning. The result? Apparently we're having another little girl!

Green or yellow indicates a girl result (red or orange means boy). Again, I don't put a whole lot of faith in this test. We will still wait for our ultrasound in about a month before calling the baby by name and painting the nursery. I would love for Lydia to have a sister... and I would love to have a little boy... so I'm going to be happy either way. I'm just curious to see if the test turns out to be correct.

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  1. Kim Says:

    I have never heard of these things. If it turns out to be true, I might have to write about it on the preggo blog and interview you, lol. :)

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