Lydia is all over the place these days! Just a couple of weeks ago she began to "army crawl" on occasion (still mostly rolling to move though). Now, she is full blown crawling! Still not super quick, but gaining speed every day. She finally got the hang of crawling movements a few days ago while we were in Cincinnati celebrating Christmas/New Years with my family. Additionally she became an expert at sitting up this week (going from lying down to upright position). Lydia just loves to hit all of these milestones away from home!

There's no stopping her anymore. She can sit, she can crawl, she can pull herself to standing, she can cruise along the furniture, she can walk with assistance (holding hands or a walking toy), she can bend/reach from standing to grab toys on the floor, and she can (not gracefully) sit down from a standing position. If I want to leave her for even just a second to do something, I better be making sure she can't get to anything she shouldn't... because otherwise she will!

Lydia was doing very well for awhile with the "no mouth" and "no touch" commands, however we have noticed in the past few days that she doesn't obey them much anymore. I have to believe that she understands them because she used to listen... so perhaps she is testing us? Trying to push those boundaries? Yikes. I am so not ready for that. We're trying to be firm, use stern voices, and take things away when she doesn't obey. Anyone have any other suggestions for disciplining a 10 month old? It's just so hard to figure out what she actually understands!

In addition to all of the wonderful new skills in the realm of mobility, Lydia is getting better at sign language too! At last! I've been trying to remember to do several simple signs to her since she was a newborn... it's so fun to finally see her using some of them! She is improving at "more", sometimes doing it correctly but still sometimes clapping instead. 7 times out of 10 I can get her to do the "all done" sign after meals. I see the sign for "milk" a lot, but I'm not sure she really associates it with nursing. That's probably one of the signs I did with her most frequently, so she might just be using it as a default sign for any type of communication. When I am getting ready to nurse her and say "milk" along with doing the sign, she definitely knows what I'm talking about. But when she does the sign herself, she does it for just about everything. Not to mention that it is similar to how she waves. We are working on "eat" and "drink" as well... what are some other signs that would be good to start with her?

One final note of other random Lydia things: She waves hello and bye-bye. She shakes her head no. She loves to be bounced and will continue bouncing on her own if you stop. She knows how to dance. She points at things. She is still a great traveler. Her babbles and squeals and laughs and noises fill our house every single day. :)
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