Lydia is currently in her crib crying. I have been running in and out of her room for over an hour now. Every time I comfort her, calm her down, tell her it's time for night-night, and leave. As soon as I am out of sight, the screams begin again. This last time I cuddled her a bunch, then put her in her crib and stood to the side. She smiled and babbled to me, and happily began to suck her thumb (a typical bedtime ritual). But again, as soon as I left it was as if something was ripping her leg off.


She just quieted down again. I'm hoping she's finally going to sleep. I've heard that around 6 months it is very common for separation anxiety to kick in and it is also common for this to disrupt nighttimes that are typically without issue. Oy. I had hoped we were past the need to cry it out. If this was a one-time thing I'd think less of it... but she was doing the same thing last night too. If she does it again tomorrow, I'm going to be in trouble. Brent and I are supposed to go on a date to a Mudhens game tomorrow night after Lydia goes to bed. Bad timing, sweet daughter! :-P

Just another day in the life of this mom... dealing with the ever changing phases of my growing girl.

Still hearing silence over the monitor. Maybe victory at last!


It's 9:20 now... about 2 hours since bedtime began and Lydia is completely asleep. It really did end up being a sweet night though, despite the struggle. My earlier proclamation of victory was premature and Lydia began crying again not too long after I wrote that. So again I went back up to her room to pick her up and calm her down. This time I decided to sit down with her in the rocker and see if I could manage to get her to sleep.

Lydia has not fallen asleep in my arms in a long time, so I didn't expect much. I just wanted to give her some snuggle time and see if I could at least get her to go back to sucking her thumb and relaxing. We sat there snuggling in the dim, quiet room, just rocking and staring at eachother. Lydia would gaze at me with a look of complete wonder, then she would reach up and touch my mouth and nose. She'd then pull her hand back and suck her thumb for awhile, still staring, before reaching up again and repeating the process. I couldn't get over how amazed she looked. It was as if she was seeing my face for the first time ever and was trying to take in all of the details.

Eventually she went back to sucking her thumb and her eyelids started to get heavier. I watched her as each blink got ever so slightly longer. Her thumb in her mouth and her fingers gently gripping the zipper of my sweatshirt, she finally drifted off to sleep. We stayed snuggled up in the rocker until her little body went completely limp. Ever so gently I stood up and slipped her back into the crib.

What a beautiful night it turned out to be. :)

No, this isn't something I intend to make a habit of. I'm still a firm believer that it is best for the whole family for her to be able to put herself to sleep. But tonight I didn't mind bending the rules. Just for one night. Sometimes it takes just a little bit of rule bending to form the best of memories.
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  1. Kim Says:

    Awww! I wholeheartedly agree! I love when Micah touches my face like that - it has to be one of the sweetest things.

  2. What a beautiful post! I am a HUGE advocate for babies to learn how to sleep on their own, so much that I will have frequent (healthy!) arguments about the benefits, etc. We did sleep training from a very early age with the girls, fought the "cruelty" critiques you referenced in your last rant (which I agreed with wholeheartedly) ;).... but sometimes it's nice to cuddle them like that, too. I believe that SOMETIMES, they need that time as much as you or I might. If you're consistent in promoting Lydia's sleep habits, one night will not throw her off her game! You are such a great mama to that precious baby girl, having a solid "plan" (used loosely of course) on helping her grow into the best little one she can be, but knowing a little flexibility, too!

  3. Oh! And I really came here to say something different :) Is Lydia starting towards any new physical milestones right now? I've read - and seen VERY true in my girls - that babies often have a really difficult time getting to sleep when they want to "practice" new skills! For us, that and teething have been the biggest nighttime struggles!

  4. gelee royale Says:

    I can't say it in words how tough it would be for you? Still you are doing great job for your daughter. Only a mother can do it in this world. Hats of to you.

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